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About Hostwinds-Unmanaged Windows Vps Hosting

Features Included in All Plans•1 Gbps Ports
Features Included in All Plans•Solid State Drives
Features Included in All Plans•Snapshots
Features Included in All Plans•99.9999% Uptime
Features Included in All Plans•Free Website Transfer
Features Included in All Plans•Custom ISO’s
Features Included in All Plans•Friendliness Guarantee
Features Included in All Plans•Multiple Locations
Features Included in All Plans•Enterprise Firewall
Monitoring System•Our real-time monitoring service is offered for all Unmanaged Windows VPS plans. We will inform you of any issues that may arise, immediately.”
Instant Scalability•Increase the resources of your Windows server anytime you want. Select from a number of configurations, or customize based on your specific needs.
Nightly Backups•Nightly backups are offered on all Unmanaged Windows servers, back up your important files each night, uploaded to the cloud.
Full Control for All Aspects of Your Server•Our unique Cloud Control Portal lets you manage your server from anywhere. Fully manage all aspects of your server from your browser. The Hostwinds Cloud Control Portal allows you to: expand your volumes, set up firewall rules, balance your incoming traffic with load balancers, load custom images, manage your object storage devices, access your server from VNC, and much, much more.
Firewall•Firewalls monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic based on the security rules that you define. The firewall is enabled and established outside of the server, meaning that it applies to the server as a whole and does not rely on configurations that can be changed within the server itself (such as iptables or Windows Firewall). Create custom rules for IPv4 and IPv6, set rules for specific ports, and build custom rules for incoming and outgoing traffic, all based on your requirements. Keep your server protected by setting up a firewall profile. Custom Firewall Profiles can be applied to all or select servers. It’s entirely up to you.
Load Balancer•Load Balancers distribute incoming traffic across multiple instances of your server. Load balancing optimizes resource usage and speed. Use the Cloud Portal to personalize how your traffic is distributed. Customize sticky sessions and cookie expiration. Evenly distribute your traffic for optimum performance. Load Balancers make balancing traffic to your web, database, storage, or application servers a breeze. Hostwinds has taken special care to implement client feedback to ensure that our Load Balancing solution is straightforward to use and offers robust features for ease of management.
Snapshots•Snapshots allow you to take a complete real-time backup of your server in the state it was in when the snapshot was created. This allows for emergency recovery with ease. Snapshots taken of your servers are stored in our Enterprise Cloud Storage solution and are available for you whenever you need them. They allow you to restore a server from the exact configuration and data that the service was at the time of the snapshot being taken. You can even convert your snapshot into a working template and create new servers with the exact specifications, data, and configurations you need. This saves time for users that require several servers with specific settings and setup requirements. Furthermore, snapshots are incredibly easy to to create and use.
Volume Storage•Volume Storage creates a virtual file system that stores your data. Whether you need a small or large amount of additional disk space, volume storage is a convenient, cheap means to achieve your desired results. Volumes can be created with ease in your Cloud Control Portal and attached to any server you like. This increases the storage space capabilities of the server instantly with an additional volume to retain data. It also makes it quick and efficient to move data from one server to another, copy the data you need to move to your storage volume, and attach it to the server to which you are moving the data. It’s that simple.

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