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About Hostwinds-Dedicated Servers

RAID•Select the RAID (Redundant Array OF Independent Disks) configuration that meets your needs. Every configuration is available for you to select based on the number of disks deployed, RAID 0 through RAID 60.”
Built for You•Order a custom-made server based on the amount of RAM and type of CPU(s) you need. You can also customize the size and amount of disks and how they are configured. We’ll deliver the server exactly as you have ordered it.
Dedicated Resources•All Hostwinds Dedicated Servers provide you with dedicated resources. Your server is 100% yours, providing you with 100% ownership of all the resources it offers and full access to the 1 Gbps network link.
Serving Multiple Locations•Take advantage of our multiple locations by selecting the data center location that suits your needs. We offer our hosting services to individuals and businesses all over the globe. We want to ensure that all of our clients, no matter their location, benefit from our quality hosting services. As such, we have established facilities in various locations throughout the world, and we continue to expand. Select the location that makes the most sense considering your specific requirements.
High-Quality Networking•We peer with only the highest performing upstream providers. Our network systems offer incomparable speeds and reliability. This is a result of the high degree of redundancy we have established as a built-in safeguard. Hostwinds has redundant communications pathways and multiple carriers in each location so that we can continue to offer the best hosting services in the industry. We guarantee unparalleled network performance so that your server is always available and online for you.
Nightly Backups•Protect your server’s data with Hostwinds’ Nightly Backups add-on service. Backups are taken of your server automatically each night and retained as long as you like. You have full access to your backups at all times.
Server Monitoring•Put your mind at ease with Hostwinds’ Server Monitoring add-on. We will monitor your service 24/7 and, should an issue occur, automatically open a support ticket for you so our team of experts can resolve it ASAP.
Full Management•Host with confidence. If you need assistance or need to resolve an issue, our team of support experts is here for you. Take advantage of our enterprise support offerings, no matter how big or small the request.
You Are Supported Every Step of the Way•Quality, 24/7/365 guidance is at your fingertips when you get started with a Hostwinds dedicated server. Reach out to us anytime via chat, phone, or ticket.

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