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Dedicated Servers – Managed Solutions

– While shared hosting and other solutions are reliable enough to get the job done for a vast majority, there is something to be said for not having to share resources with other users, which is always the case on a Dedicated Server. That means your server resources are working exclusively towards keeping your site up and running. Of course, we also back all of this up with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Performance: Shared hosting is reliable enough for smaller websites and businesses, but they hardly match the usefulness of a dedicated server, which lets you grab and use whatever resource available. Since you do not have to share with others, you can be sure that everything you paid for is working to keep your site online. Dedicated IP Address: Every dedicated server plan from HostSailor includes an IP address dedicated to your own use, which brings several benefits in the long run, such as the provision to facilitate Anonymous FTP, for example. At any rate, you need not worry about getting a new IP address when you sign for the best dedicated hosting service with us. Scalable Servers: Success in the online sphere is closely related to being adaptable in a number of ways. HostSailor’s dedicated server options are accompanied by the constructive expertise of our support team, who can ensure that you are able to quickly upgrade and set up inside a new hosting plan, as and when the need arises. In other words, you can change your mind and that would be okay. CPANEL/WHM: Our clients get treated to an easy-to-use control panel which allows easy management of their hosting account. With WHM and cPanel, you can summarily kickstart your websites and servers, and make customized changes to suit your changing needs.
– Our top-grade hardware is a point of pride for us. Frequently upgraded and paired with the latest auxiliary technologies, these provide the perfect way to store and manage your data. With RAID enabled, we are able to create enough redundancy in storage to make sure you never lose a single bit’s worth of data after storing it, no matter what calamity strikes. Your information stays protected and hosted, as well as accessible to you at any given time.
– Our long-running commitment to customer satisfaction constantly prompts us to ensure that every client is getting exactly what they want. We offer support for several different frameworks and databases in almost every package that you can avail from us, which means your organization has one less problem to worry about: compatibility.