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About Cloudways-The Best Joomla Hosting

SSD-Based Joomla Hosting•Dedicated IP address and superior global response times with our SSD-based hosting gives the performance you want.
Built-in Caches•Advanced cache technologies such as Memcached, Varnish, and Redis give you faster response rates and quicker delivery.
Optimized Stack•Our stack uses Apache, Nginx, PHP-FPM, and MySQL/MariaDB to boost the speed of your Joomla site for faster processing.
PHP 7 Ready Servers•PHP 7 is the default version on all our servers for so you get the best Joomla hosting experience.
CloudwaysCDN•Get the performance you want with a robust CDN that boosts response times. It can be integrated in just a few clicks.
HTTP/2 Supported•All our servers are HTTP/2 enabled, reducing the load on servers and secures the communication between web servers and clients.
Dedicated Firewall•Save yourself and your business with superior security protocols and attacks with updated firewalls. Protected by platform-level firewalls and with regular firmware upgrades we prevent intruders and keep your account safe from vulnerabilities.
1-Click SSL Installation•Seamless integration of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate boosts the security of your Joomla website.
Auto-Healing Servers•Our auto-healing feature identifies issues and resolve most of the issues by restarting the server.
IP Whitelisting•Get unrestricted access through SSH and SFTP over regions and networks.
Automated Backups•Set a schedule for automated backups of your choice or take backups on demand.
Two-Factor Authentication•A more secure Two-Factor Authentication procedure is now ready at the gates to safeguard your account and business.
Renowned IaaS Providers•You can choose from top-notch cloud providers including DigitalOcean, AWS, GCE, Vultr and Linode with more than 60 global data centers.
Block Storage•Modify and enhance storage options for your business in just a few clicks with our Joomla hosting.
Seamless Vertical Scaling•Modify RAM and storage options of your servers without affecting other customizations. You can scale with our 1-Click feature.
No Long-Term Contract•With our PAYG model, you don’t have to worry about any hidden charges. Just pay for what you use.
1-Click App Launch•Launch more than 10 apps of your choice in an instant on a single cloud server.
Multiple PHP Versions•To make sure you have the best Joomla hosting experience, you have the option to switch to your desired version of PHP (5.6 & 7.x) in just a click.
24/7 Expert Support•Our support teams are always available to address your queries and solve your problems round the clock, any day and every day.
Active Community•Our active community provides helpful articles, guides and lots of tricks to enhance your online experience and maximize business growth.
Knowledge Base•Get better acquainted with our world class hosting platforms with the most important resources at your disposal.
24/7 Ticketing•All your issues and queries will be resolved, all you have to do is open a ticket. You can even keep track of specific queries.
Managed Migrations•You don’t have to worry about migrating to Cloudways. Tell us about your application, and we’ll move it in one piece.
Troubleshooting•If there’s ever a server related issue, simply let us know and we’ll do the trick.
Git Integration•Via Git auto-deployment, you can deploy updated code on live servers as soon as changes occur.
SSH and SFTP Access•Securely access the server and update folders and files for your application with SSH and SFTP. You can also create SFTP credentials for your team.
App & Server Cloning•Clone the entire server or copy specific sites easily. Even databases and files are copied on the new staging URLs.
One Account Multiple Teams•Assign one member to different teams. It is easy to split projects between relevant teams.
Staging Area & URLs•Do all the testing and developing you want on staging URLs with affecting the live Joomla websites.
Add Team Members•Divide work within the team by adding team members and assigning access (full or limited) of your server or app.

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