cloudcone-A Worry Free Hosted Business E-Mail Solution


A Worry Free Hosted Business E-Mail Solution







A Worry Free Hosted Business E-Mail Solution

– It’s not the average mail server you get elsewhere ? we’ve added most of the hand picked features which our clients love and use daily
– Our Hosted Email uses premium SMTP endpoints to deliver your emails, which will help your email reach the recipients Inbox with a 99% higher deliverability rate. Premium SMTP Endpoints are SMTP services that send emails via well-reputed IP addresses which are known to public email service providers like Gmail
– Our Mail administration panel enables you to easily add/remove domains and email addresses on the go
– All Mail Boxes are Microsoft Exchange friendly, setting up your mobile client won’t be a tough game anymore
– Receive push notification on compatible mobile phones which has support for Microsoft Exchange
– All your mailboxes get access to a collaborative webmail client including calendar and contacts
– Mailboxes works on IMAP/POP/SMTP as standard, enabling your mailbox to be connected to any mail clients
– Route mails to specific folders based on pre-set conditions based on subject, from address, body content or etc
– Incoming mail passes through artificially trainted SPAM traps before reaching your inbox.
– Configure the looks and feels on the Webmail client with your corporate or personal logo
– Is your email on a different place? no worries, contact our support department and arrange a migration of all email accounts in under 5 hours
– We offer a 7 day free trial, feel free to move in, and try it out. If you don’t like what you see, request a refund and we will get it arranged