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About Bluehost-Blazing Fast Managed WordPress Hosting

Unlimited Websites•Build as many websites as you need or want. WP Pro allows for unlimited WordPress installs and customisation.
Unlimited Web Storage•Nurture the growth of your websites without being concerned about hitting any limits on data storage or the size of your websites.
Unlimited Domains•You can point as many domains as you own to your WP Pro hosting account, in order to give each site a unique domain.
Staging Environment•A staging environment allows you to test your website before publishing it live for everyone to see. Safely preview any changes or updates.
Unlimited Subdomains•Organise your website in any way that makes sense to you. There are no limits on how many subdomains you can create.
No Traffic Limits•We will not slow you down from reaching your goals; drive as much traffic to your websites as possible, there’s no overage charges.
Free SSL•Encrypt the connection between your server and visitors to safeguard personal information, e-commerce transactions, sensitive data, and more.
Instant WordPress Install•Avoid complications and confusing application installs, start building quickly.
Spam Protection•Powered by Akismet, this tool filters out harmful and unwanted content before it reaches your website’s comment section.
SSD Disk Space•WP Pro plans are hosted on servers that utilize Solid State Drives (SSD) , which help to facilitate faster load times.
CDN Enabled•Get fast page load speeds and improved server utilisation, we integrate methodologies like CDN and multi-layer caching into our platform to improve your page load times.
WP Auto-Updates•Bluehost handles WordPress updates for you and before we push a new update, we inform you ahead of time so you can ensure your website continues to operate as intended.
24/7 Customer Support•Our hosting experts are available around the clock to assist customers with questions related to website uptime, performance, billing, or dashboard features.
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee*•Bluehost stands behind its industry-leading reliability and stable platform. At any point in your first month, If you feel our hosting services aren’t a good fit, we will refund your hosting costs (or fee).

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