15 € /year


– KVM is a hardware virtualization technology which means that the OS on the host node emulates the hardware for another OS to run on top of it, therefore you can install (almost) any OS, including Windows. There are certain features, which are not fully supported on other platforms, such as: Docker/Kubernetes – While it is possible to run them inside an OpenVZ VPS, our platform is not built to support them, you can certainly run them in a KVM VPS. Running own kernel – The kernel running on your KVM instance is fully dedicated for you, meaning you can easily modify it, load custom modules and re-compile it. Can run any OS – Full emulation means that you can run virtually any OS – be it Linux flavored, Windows, BSD or something else. Full disk encryption – KVM Virtual instances support full disk encryption, for your peace of mind, available only on custom ISO installs.
– We use only the latest enterprise CPUs from the Intel E Family. Dual Xeon E5 or Single Xeon E3 to match our clients needs for either higher core count or clock speeds
– Every host node is attached to a 10Gbit/s port. We own and operate our fully redundant Network! Connected with multiple Tier1 providers and excellently peered.
– We use only server grade ECC DDR3 & DDR4 memory. Servers are built with up to 512GB of RAM to ensure maximum performance and never swapping machines.
– Our services are designed from the ground up, with 100% pure enterprise HDD storage in RAID 10 Arrays for maximum performance and data redundancy.
– We offer an integrated and fully-featured control panel within our client’s area. It will allow you to manage every single aspect of your virtual machine, from a simple, intuitive graphical interface. ABILITY TO START/SHUT DOWN/RESTART YOUR VIRTUAL INSTANCE, SINGLE-CLICK REINSTALLATION, MONITOR CURRENT AND HISTORICAL USAGE OF CPU / RAM / HDD AND NETWORK ACTIVITY, PASSWORD RESET, ACCESS NOVNC HTML5 CONSOLE, CHANGE HOSTNAME, TOGGLE RESCUE MODE WITH CHOSEN KERNEL, MOUNT/UNMOUNT ISO, CHANGE BOOT ORDER